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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $48.78 Per Year + $1 (+ $15.95 Expired Users) for up to 3 Years @ Ultimate Choice on Eneba (Need VPN)

Sep 29, 2022

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $48.78 Per Year + $1 (+ $15.95 Expired Users) for up to 3 Years @ Ultimate Choice on Eneba (Need TR VPN)

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NOTE - This gets you games for both PC and XBOX Console.

TL : DR - Just follow the instructions via the link. But it wouldn't hurt to follow the extra instructions below if you're worried you'll stuff it up

Please note - I've copied and pasted and slightly altered the text from the ENEBA deal Thread from Jan 26. (I assume all the details are pretty much the same - mods feel free to massage this anyway you need to?)

However, when I tried to use that deal just now - it said it had run out of keys - so I found this deal instead. Seems it's basically the same deal from the week before the one above from the Ultimate Choice seller.

A VPN to Turkey must be used for this deal. Only works on accounts with no active GPU (expired or new members).

Purchase Xbox Live Gold $48.78 per year for up to 3 years, and add 1 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1 (new users) or $15.95 (expired users). The Xbox Live Gold subscription will then be upgraded to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Details Key for a year: $48.78 (not including fees)

The Xbox Live Gold 12 Month end-price is $48.78 on Eneba (as indicated below), but the user must also redeem a month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1 for new users and $15.95 for expired users to the whole price. (Therefore slightly cheaper per month to buy three years (max)).*

Follow the instructions below:

Buy up to three 12-month subscriptions for Xbox Live Gold.

Clear you Browser Cache, then Connect to Turkey via VPN - (Some people recommend using the free Windscribe Chrome extension ( but I used NordVPN) Once connected, navigate to and sign in with your normal Microsoft/Xbox account (or make one first if you are new like I was).

Enter the code as normal, redeem and turn off the VPN (thanks to @emrik) AND Clear your Browser Cache. Any subscription on your Xbox account can be topped up up to 36 months.

Remember - VPN should be off now. After you've activated the Xbox Live Gold, redeem the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate month from the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate landing page( (Will add $1 for new users and $15.95 for expired users to the whole price).

DON'T FORGET - Go into the Xbox/MS account and Turn Off Recurring Billing… and check the Expiration Date.

The (up to) 36 months of Xbox Live Gold should show as 36 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on your account now.

This worked just fine for me as a new XBOX user - just created the account as I went.

I used NordVPN with the Windows 11 Edge Browser, but NOTE that I had to turn off my Pop-up blocker (UBlock Origin) to get this to work…. If you have Bitdefender Total Security that includes its own VPN (though I have no idea if it's any good?)

BTW You might also want to check out the Dolby Access/Atmos for Headphones for Gaming Movies TV Music and Music Production etc Thread too!

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