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There are nine candidates vying for a seat of Forde. Here's who they are and what they stand for.

Sep 30, 2022

The electorate of Forde is based in much of the Logan City Council area, but also includes northern parts of Gold Coast.

Logan suburbs of Waterford, Eagleby, Beenleigh, Loganlea, Shailer Park, Bethania, Park Ridge and Boronia Heights are part of the electorate.

It extends south of the Albert River on the western side of the Pacific Motorway to include inland parts of the Gold Coast as far south as Upper Coomera and covers 418 square kilometres.

ABC Gold Coast contacted each candidate in Forde and asked them to answer a range of questions commonly asked by voters. Their answers are below. 

Current status

MP: Bert van Manen (Liberal National Party) since 2010.

Margin: 8.6 per cent.

2022 candidates in ballot paper order 

Roxanne O'Halloran | United Australia Party

Profile of a woman with shoulder-length brown hair

Roxanne O'Halloran, United Australia Party candidate for Forde.( Supplied )

Ms O'Halloran has spent her career working in administration with Education Queensland. In 2019 she moved to Denver, Colorado, in the US to support her husband's work.

She said the family returned to Australia prematurely because of COVID. 

Ms O'Halloran said she was passionate about "restoring our Australian values".

"I feel empowered to fight for our freedoms because the truth holds up to scrutiny," she said.

What do you see as the key issues for your electorate?

"The key issues for Forde are the skyrocketing cost of living, traffic congestion, and the mandates."

How would you make life better for people in your electorate?

"The United Australia Party will establish a Bill of Rights protecting all Australians to choose medical treatment and preserving freedom of speech.

"The UAP will legislate to cap home loan interest rates at a maximum 3 per cent for five years.

"The UAP will make the first $30,000 of a home loan tax deductible each year, making this more achievable for those who wish to be home owners. 

"The implementation of a 15 per cent iron ore export license with the sole purpose to repay the $1.5 trillion national debt."

Bert van Manen | Liberal National Party of Queensland 

man smiling

Bert van Manen (incumbent), Liberal National Party candidate for Forde.( Supplied )

Mr van Manen has been the Member for Forde since 2010. It is the 57-year-old's fifth election campaign. He has lived in the Logan area since the age of four. He is married with two adult sons.

Before entering politics he worked for 30 years in the financial services sector, including a period operating a financial advisory business. 

What do you see as the key issues for your electorate?

"The economy and infrastructure are the key issues for the Australian people.

"I have been campaigning for improvements to the M1 motorway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast since I was first elected in 2010. Work is already underway to upgrade Exits 41 and 45, and the Liberal National government has pledged $55 million to upgrade Exit 38 at Yatala if re-elected.

How would you make life better for people in your electorate?

"I've been working hard since I was first elected in 2010 to improve the lives of all my constituents, improving local roads and rail services, increasing health funding, securing more money for our sport and community groups, and helping constituents with federal issues.

"I hope to continue this very important work if I am re-elected."

Jordan Hall | Queensland Greens 

man smiling

Jordan Hall, Queensland Greens candidate for Forde.( Supplied )

Mr Hall is a proud Wakka Wakka man who works as a tutor, teacher aide, and volunteer youth mentor.

He has lived in the Logan area since 2010 and is currently studying secondary education.

What do you see as the key issues for your electorate?

"As a young person I'm worried about the future. We're facing a climate crisis while both major parties support new coal and gas.

"Many of us want to go to university or TAFE but worry about the debt we'd be taking on. We are entering the workforce into low-paying, casualised jobs that we could lose without notice.

"Major party politicians have been captured by corporate interests. They put the developers and fossil-fuel corporations who donate to their campaigns first. We need change.

How would you make life better for people in your electorate?

"A vote for the Greens is a vote for a representative who'll fight for the people instead of billionaires and big corporations.

"We will push the next government to bring dental and mental health into Medicare, build one million affordable homes over 20 years, bring back free university and TAFE, raise JobSeeker and the pension, and fund an urgent, jobs-rich response to climate change.

"We can afford all of this by making billionaires and big corporations pay their fair share of tax."

Samuel Holland | The New Liberals

man smiling with sloth on shoulder

Samuel Holland, The New Liberals candidate for Forde.( Supplied )

Mr Holland grew up in Yatala and said he spent most days after school at his mother's fairy shop in the middle of Beenleigh.

He said he was a scientist who has been trained in microbiology.

What do you see as the key issues for your electorate?

"The issues that I am fighting for are based on the people of Forde's mistrust in their politicians. 

"I will be fighting for Forde-centric infrastructure. According to the RACQ our area has five of the 11 worst roads in the state. I will be fighting for better investment to fix them and save lives.

"I will also be fighting for an Olympic venue in Forde, specifically in Logan, as it is currently overlooked by the current proposal.

"I will be fighting for critical infrastructure so that the people of Forde can work within Forde."

How would you make life better for people in your electorate?

"A proper federal ICAC that has the power to investigate, prosecute, and punish corrupt politicians by putting them in jail.

"The establishment of a Bill of Rights that will include the right to freedom of speech and expression. Although we have this right in Queensland, it is not provided federally.

"If I hold the balance of power I will approach both possible governments demanding they join with me with a commitment to save the Eagleby Wetlands which are culturally, ecologically, economically important to my electorate."

Rowan Holzberger | Australian Labor Party 

man smiling

Rowan Holzberger, Australian Labor Party candidate for Forde.( Supplied )

Mr Holzberger's family have been in Beenleigh since the 1850s. He still lives in the area, where his children go to school.

Mr Holzberger has worked in farming, construction, and has owned small businesses on the Gold Coast and in Logan.

What do you see as the key issues for your electorate?

"Nine GP practices in Forde have stopped bulk billing in the last six months, including two on the northern Gold Coast.

"What we're actually seeing in our community is employers using labour hire and insecure work to undermine wages, conditions, and job security. Take the Beenleigh meatworks as an example, where labour hire employment practices over the last 10 years have resulted in wages going backwards by $4 per hour on average.

"The big issue I know Australians want the federal government to take real action on is the skyrocketing cost of living. With inflation out of control and wages growth the lowest on record it's never been harder for families to make ends meet, let alone get ahead.

How would you make life better for people in your electorate?

"Labor will take real action on the cost of living with our economic plan focused on growing wages and productivity, making childcare cheaper for 96 per cent of families, and reducing power prices with our Powering Australia plan.

"Labor's plan to strengthen Medicare by making it easier to see a doctor includes a new Medicare Urgent Care Clinic on the Gold Coast, taking pressure off hospital emergency departments and ensuring everyone has access to a bulk billing doctor when they need one.

A Labor government will create secure, local jobs by investing in fee-free TAFE to combat the skills shortage, and provide more opportunities for apprentices and trainees."

Seschelle Matterson | One Nation 

woman smiling

Seschelle Matterson, One Nation candidate for Forde.( Supplied )

Ms Matterson has lived in Queensland since the age of 20. She has worked as a psychologist in private practice for the past 17 years with a focus of assisting children, teens, adults, and families on the autism spectrum.

She said her motivation to enter the field of politics was because "today's political climate is making it impossible for local businesses and families to have any sense of security for their future".

Ms Matterson did not return the ABC's request for a written response. Information has been taken from her website.

"With suicide rates escalating along with domestic violence, and significant divides between close family members and friends, all substantially escalate people's anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues," her website said.

"The current government has a great deal to answer for and I for one will not sit back and live in hope that all will return to 'normal' for the Australian people while we are governed under officials who continue to focus, not on the best interests of the Australian people, but on their own careers and lifestyles."

Tobby Sutherland | Liberal Democrats 

Profile of a man.

Tobby Sutherland, Liberal Democrats candidate for Forde.( Supplied )

Mr Sutherland said he is "a dedicated faith-filled man, husband, and father to a five-year-old daughter, two-year-old son, and loveable golden retriever".

He is a teacher and has been working in south-east Queensland for the past 12 years.

Mr Sutherland previously represented Australia at the World Athletic Championships for men's 400-metre hurdles.

What do you see as the key issues for your electorate?

"Across the entire electorate the cost of living is very concerning to most people.

"Increasing crime in Forde, including break ins and car theft.

"Unfair restrictions and red tape on small and medium-size business hindering their growth."

How would you make life better for people in your electorate?

"Lowering tax cuts. Residents are happy to hear about our 20 per cent flat tax rate and [plan to] increase the tax threshold to $40,000.

"I am pushing to stop Inland Rail and propose it heads from Toowoomba into Gladstone as the main freight hub, instead of Logan.

"I will be fighting for better dam and flood mitigation. I want to help ease the pressure on the Logan River which subsequently leads to flooding for residents of Forde."

Christopher Greaves | Independent  

man smiling

Christopher Greaves, independent candidate for Forde.( Supplied )

Mr Greaves has lived in Beenleigh for the past 17 years. He plays for his local AFL club and coaches junior teams.

He is a driver mentor at the PCYC Beenleigh where he helps kids without access to cars gain their 100 hours driving experience.

He has had careers in the food industry, construction, landscaping, council, warehousing, and as a truck driver.

He said, "On a more personal level I have been a mental health carer for my boy's mother, which resulted in me becoming a single dad. A while later I met my adorable now wife of two years".

 What do you see as the key issues for your electorate?

"Across the political spectrum, the majority of people feel strongly that political parties, especially the major parties, pretend to care about the people, but actually don't. That they feel voiceless and ignored. That our run of the mill politicians only pay lip service to the people and most serve hidden agendas, the party above the people, themselves or external forces and not the people of Australia.

"Over the past two years I have seen and experienced first hand, the pain and hurt our governments, state and federal, have caused through their appalling overreach.

"I have seen how our political representatives ignored us. I have seen how quickly politicians abdicated their responsibilities to unelected bureaucrats and blindly followed a narrative which was without consultation with the people. I realised the dangerous precedent this set and felt it my duty to stand up as a voice for the average Australian."

How would you make life better for people in your electorate?

"I will introduce the concept of informed direct democracy for the people of Forde. Informed direct democracy will give people a direct means of participating in the decisions that affect them. It consists effectively of a website having three components, being:

1) A first portal where legislation and amendments to legislation before parliament is listed showing the name of the bill, a link to the bill and a summary of the bill in layman's terms. People of Forde will have the opportunity to cast a vote on each bill by accepting it, rejecting it or proposing amendments to it.

2) A second portal where people of Forde could raise issues or make proposals that affect them or is of importance and on which the community can then cast a vote in favour of, or in opposition of any listed proposals.

3) A third portal where I will make proposals as to matters I believe are important or need to be addressed. Again, people will have the option to show support, offer input or reject any proposal I present.

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