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The 10 Best Bed Sheets on Amazon for Your Dreamiest Sleep Ever

Oct 1, 2022

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There is no detail too small when it comes to making your bed not just a functional piece of furniture in your home, but somewhere you go to rest your body — and really rest, too. Sleeping at home in your own bed deserves as much luxury and comfort as it does when you’re on vacation at a fancy hotel with a luxurious hotel bed. It’s time your bed at home got that same attention to detail.

One of the things that makes climbing into a comfy bed so satisfying is the bed sheets. It might even be the thing. There is simply nothing as gratifying as brand-new, clean bed sheets that are cool to the touch as you get into bed. And why should that be a special experience? You should get that every single night. There are just a few logistics to keep in mind when you’re thinking about what gives you that kind of experience. Do you like light, airy sheets that feel like nothing against your skin? Or do you tend to run cold at night and prefer something heavier and cozier?

You can also play with the weight and types of fabrics. You can even really go for it and have different sheets for different seasons, like a lightweight linen or bamboo for the summer and a jersey cotton or flannel for the winter. This is your bed that you’re making and laying in. Best to make it to your liking.

The Different Types of Bed Sheets You Can Buy on Amazon

  • Cotton: Cotton is the classic sheet fabric, of course, and you can’t go wrong starting here. Even better, there are many subtypes of cotton and a variety of thread counts, but the fabric itself is known for being soft, breathable, and durable.
  • Microfiber: Microfiber is a synthetic fabric that offer a few details that cotton doesn’t, like a resistance to pilling. They might not feel quite as soft as cotton out of the package, but they tend to soften over time and after washing.
  • Bamboo: Bamboo sheets were made for hot sleepers everywhere. Bamboo is moisture-wicking and keeps your body temperature regulated throughout the night, so you’ll stay warm without overheating. 

Top Bed Sheets on Amazon for 2022

  • Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set
  • Mellanni Queen Sheet Set
  • Amazon Basics Bed Sheet Set
  • Utopia Bedding Queen Bed Sheets Set
  • Serta Simply Clean Hypoallergenic Sheet Set
  • Danjor Linens Bed Sheets Set
  • Sijo Eucalyptus Tencel Sheet Set
  • CGK Unlimited Sateen Bed Sheets
  • Purple SoftStretch Sheets
  • Wooflinen Bamboo Sheet Set

What to Consider When Purchasing Bed Sheets

  • Breathability: Perhaps the most important detail that will make sheets feel comfortable for you (or not) is their breathability. The hotter of a sleeper you are, the more breathable of a fabric you should look for. It might come down to personal preference, too — bamboo tends to feel cool to the touch, but you might find that microfiber regulates your body temperature better throughout the night.
  • Maintenance: Some sheets require different cleaning methods, and following the recommended instructions is the best way to extend their shelf life. Most are machine washable — low heat and tumble dry — but always read the tag before purchasing so you know what you’re in for.
  • Pocket Size: Fitted sheets will have different pocket sizes, which is important to pay attention to if you have a thicker sized mattress. Some memory foam and hybrid mattresses are plumper than your average mattress, which means they’ll need that extra pocket depth for the sheets to stay on.
  • Colors: Depending on how you style your bed, you might want the sheets to be visible, and if that’s the case, you can play with fun colors and prints here. Of course, dark colors tend to show their wear a bit less than whites and lighter neutrals.

Amazon has a wide world of the best bed sheets in all the colors, fabrics and sizes you could dream of. The options are truly endless, and you can shop for the whole family without having to leave your couch — very handy when you have different sized beds, decor styles and sleeping temperature preferences. The variety of colors, prints and patterns are way beyond what you’d find anywhere else, and there are often extra discounts and perks for Prime members.

Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set

  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Colors Available: White, Cream, Graphite, Windowpane
  • Materials: Cotton
  • Special Features: OEKO-TEX certified

The Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set is an all-time favorite. The sheets are super soft, easy to put on, and wear well throughout use and washes. Plus, they label the short and long sides of the sheets, so you make your bed right the first time, every time. Brooklinen has been an uber popular e-comm brand because of the high-quality fabrics and their goes-with-everything aesthetic. One reviewer says: “Love these sheets. They don’t wrinkle up at the top. They have little tags telling if it’s the long or short side. They fit perfectly. They are so comfortable!”

Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set $179 Buy Now

Mellanni Queen Sheet Set

  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, RV/Short Queen, King, California King
  • Colors Available: Baby Blue, White, Hydrangea, Black, Brown, Burgundy, Coral, Green, Gray, Blue, Lavender, Gray, Purple, Navy Blue, Paisley, Spa Blue, Mint, Tan, White, Red Checkered, Gold, Gray Chevron, Persimmon, Striped Gold, Light blue, Sage, Beige, Taupe, Teal
  • Materials: Microfiber
  • Special Features: Extra Deep pocket option for all sizes

Mellanni’s Queen Sheet Set is a social media favorite. They come in a huge variety of sizes and you can opt for a deeper pocket depth on any of those sizes. The microfiber sheets also have the widest range of colors that we’ve seen. There’s a while host of solid colors and just as many options in prints, too.

Mellanni Queen Sheet Set $34.97 Buy Now

Amazon Basics Bed Sheet Set

  • Sizes: Crib, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Colors Available: Light Gray, Black, Blush, Chambray, Dark Gray, Dark Green, Navy Blue, Oatmeal, Red
  • Materials: Cotton
  • Special Features: Climate Pledge Friendly

Reliable and affordable, the Amazon Basics Bed Sheet Set is an easy cotton option. The colors, fabric and pricing are all winners, and it’s a great option for stocking up a linen closet. One reviewer said they are just as good as sheets that were more than double the price: “I bought these sheets as a spare set, but I’ve been using them constantly for about 2 months now. I only use jersey sheets so I know the difference in brands but these are just as amazing as the ones I paid $100 for (on sale) – and they were so inexpensive! I have had no problems with pilling, no rips, no tears, just awesome sheets at an even better price. I would definitely recommend!”

Amazon Basics Bed Sheet Set $39.99 Buy Now

Utopia Bedding Queen Bed Sheets Set

  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Colors Available: Beige, Black, Gray, Lavender, Navy, Spa Blue, White, Burgundy, Purple, Gray, Coral, Denim Blue, Pink, Sage, Teal, Yellow
  • Materials: Microfiber
  • Special Features: Shrink and Fade Resistant

The Utopia Bedding Queen Bed Sheets Set is a microfiber material option that is both shrink- and fade-resistant, which means you can wash and dry them without worrying about roughing up the fabric too much. There are a ton of color options to go with bedroom styles of all kinds. Get a few sets so you always have clean sheets on hand.

10 Best Bed Sheets on Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

Utopia Bedding Queen Bed Sheets Set $17.80 Buy Now

Serta Simply Clean Hypoallergenic Sheet Set

  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King
  • Colors Available: Black, Blush Pink, Burgundy, Gray, Ivory, White, Turquoise, Silver Gray, Navy, Purple, Red, Light Blue, Khaki
  • Materials: Polyester
  • Special Features: Hypoallergenic

You might know Serta because of their mattress innovations over the years, but that’s not all they do well. Serta’s Simply Clean Hypoallergenic Sheet Set is made with a polyester fabric that is made to stop any scents or dusts from getting caught up in the fibers. That’s great for people who live in dust-prone spaces or tend to get seasonal allergies.  Reviewers like them for foam beds especially. One reviewer said: “These sheets really hold up well and and are super comfortable. I’ve washed them several times and they do not get fuzz balls on them like cheaper sheets. Smooth and comfortable!!! Worth every dollar.”

Serta sheets

Serta Simply Clean Hypoallergenic Sheet Set $29.99 Buy Now

Danjor Linens Bed Sheets Set

  • Sizes: Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Colors Available: Cream, Gray, White, Ice Blue, Sky Blue, Taupe
  • Materials: Microfiber
  • Special Features: Moisture- and fade-resistant

Danjor Linens Bed Sheets Set is a simple, clean sheet set. It’s designed to not pill or fade with use, while the set can be cleaned in any standard washer and dryer. The pockets are super deep, fitting up to 16 inches of a mattress corner. They’re soft, breathable, and made for year-round, all-seasons use.

Danjor Linens Bed Sheets Set $39.99 Buy Now

Sijo Eucalyptus Tencel Sheet Set

  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Colors Available: Ivory, Fog, Dove, Blush, Forest, Sky, Snow, Pebble
  • Materials: Eucalyptus Lyocell Tencel
  • Special Features: Moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating

Sijo Eucalyptus Tencel Sheet Set is a bit of a fabric upgrade from your standard, and with that comes a price hike. But if you’re looking for something that feels divinely luxurious, this eucalyptus lyocell tencel fabric will give you just that. To boot, these sheets come highly recommended from Amazon buyers. One said, “The sheets are absolutely amazing! They are hands down the softest sheets I have ever had. They feel just like silk. That silky fabric also stays nice and cool. I am a hot sleeper and I have been able to fall asleep and stay asleep without waking up burning hot. My husband loves them as well.”

Sijo Eucalyptus Tencel Sheet Set $205 Buy Now

CGK Unlimited Sateen Bed Sheets

  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King
  • Colors Available: Beige, Burgundy, Cream, Dark Gray, Light Blue, Light Gray, Navy, Sage Green, White
  • Materials: Cotton
  • Special Features: Breathable cotton and deep corner pockets

CGK Unlimited’s Sateen Bed Sheets provide a silky soft feeling right as you climb in — just like a lot of hotel beds do. Because it’s cotton, it’ll stay feeling soft over time, too. Reviewers on Amazon are truly obsessed with how good of a value this set is. Take it from this superfan: “I had gotten so sick of sheets that were not 100% cotton. I just don’t like the feel of them. I was hesitant to buy sheets that were as inexpensive as these, to be honest. Would they be cheaply sewn? Feel too rough? Wrinkle a lot? Something had to be wrong with them, right? WRONG. They are well made. Wash beautifully. Look just like my sheets that I’ve spent literally 8 times the price to purchase. But most importantly, they are like sleeping in a cloud, that comfortable. My second set is arriving today, and I can’t wait!”

CGK Unlimited Sateen Bed Sheets $69.99 Buy Now

Purple SoftStretch Sheets

  • Sizes: Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/California King
  • Colors Available: White, Gray, Lilac, Deep Purple, Light Blue, Oat
  • Materials: Bamboo
  • Special Features: Optimized for comfortable sleeping body temperature

Purple SoftStretch Sheets are some of the stretchiest, softest sheets you will ever touch. Their “give” makes them really easy to take on and off your bed — ideal for those who have beds placed against a wall or their corners are otherwise hard to access. They’re made from cooling bamboo, which will keep you comfy all night long. Purple mattresses are some of the most popular bed-in-a-box options of all time. The brand is known especially for its hybrid mattresses which feel like memory foam but don’t sink over time.

Purple SoftStretch Sheets $189 Buy Now

Wooflinen Bamboo Sheet Set

  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Colors Available: Matte White
  • Materials: Bamboo
  • Special Features: Super breathable

This Wooflinen Bamboo Sheet Set is a major bedding upgrade, and it’s a simple way to improve the entire experience of going to sleep. The bamboo is super soft and the matte white color looks chic when paired with any colored or patterned duvet. Amazon buyers describe the feeling of them best: “I’ve tried a LOT of bedsheets, and can legitimately say that this is the best one. I’ve tried everything from $1,000 bedsheets of different brands to more basic ones – and hands down these are the best sheets of them all. The sheets are ridiculously soft, and very smooth to the touch. I liken the feeling of it to talcum powder on my finger tips – like a light, feathery and silky cool feeling.”

Wooflinen Bamboo Sheet Set $116 Buy Now

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