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Federal election campaign in pictures: Following Morrison and Albanese around Australia

Sep 23, 2022

Six weeks of campaigning. Six weeks of images. 

While some could argue there was a lack of policy announced during the 2022 election campaign, there were plenty of photo opportunities. Intentional or otherwise.

Let's have a look. 

Where it all started

Governor-General David Hurley and Prime Minister Scott Morrison shake hands in the Governor-General's study

Governor-General David Hurley and Prime Minister Scott Morrison meet as Mr Morrison asks for the election to be held on May 21. ( Supplied: Governor-General of Australia )

Prime Minister Scott Morrison locked in the date on April 10 after meeting with Governor-General David Hurley. 

Let's get this out of the way early

ABC News photographer Matt Roberts was on hand to capture the moment Prime Minister Scott Morrison appeared to tackle a child during soccer training on Wednesday.

A man in a suit barges into a child on a soccer field

It was a high shot.( ABC News: Matt Roberts )

A grown man crashes into a child in a soccer pitch

The pair hit the ground.( ABC News: Matt Roberts )

A man in a shit sits next to a child after he tackled him

But Luca, the Devonport Strikers player, and the Prime Minister weren't injured.( ABC News: Matt Roberts )

Figures were fumbled

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese felt the heat early.

A man looks at his phone during a press conference

Anthony Albanese checks his phone shortly after saying he did not know the unemployment rate.( ABC News: Matt Roberts )

A man surrounded by a ring of journalists holding cameras and microphones

There were plenty of questions from the media pack.( ABC News: Matt Roberts )

Scott Morrison played plenty of sport, like basketball

scott morrison basketball.jpg

A basketball appeared to surprise Scott Morrison.( ABC News: Nick Haggarty )

And footy

Scott Morrison Redcliffe Dolphins

Scott Morrison seems at home on a rugby league pitch.( By Nick Haggarty )

Of both codes

Prime Minister Scott Morrison kicks a football in front of children, media

Prime Minister Scott Morrison takes a punt. ( ABC News: Marco Catalano )

There were also rockets

A man in a suit dodges around a piece of machinery shaped like a missle

Scott Morrison visited TAE Aerospace, a global aerospace company, in Queensland.( ABC News: Nick Haggarty )

A birthday cake

Man blows out candles on birthday cake

Prime Minister Scott Morrison celebrated his birthday on the campaign trail. He blew out the candles on Friday, May 13. ( ABC News: Marco Catalano )

And other sweets

Morrison pipes the filling of a macaron while pastry chefs direct him

Scott Morrison pipes the filling of a macaron while on a visit during the federal election campaign. April 26, 2022.( ABC News: Matt Roberts )

Plenty of Indian food

A man wearing a scarf on his head holding a large timber cooking implement

The PM put his culinary skills to use in an Indian restaurant.( ABC News: Marco Catalano )

No, really

A man cooking rice surrounded by Sikh men

And again, this time at a Sikh Gurdwara in Perth.( ABC News: Matt Roberts )

And a tin to wash it down with

Scott Morrison smiles while holding a beer can towards the camera. The beer label is blue and reads ScoMo's strong economy.

Scott Morrison with branded beer can.( ABC News: Nick Haggarty )

For Mr Albanese, babies featured

anthony albanese holds a baby why campaigning in a face mask

Anthony Albanese campaigning in Perth.( ABC News: James Carmody )

A lot

Albanese holds a small baby while smiling.

Anthony Albanese wasn't one to turn away a coffee and a cuddle.( ABC News: Ian Cutmore )

Anthony Albanese laughs alongside woman as child holds up a cupcake.

Here Anthony Albanese revels in discussing his party's childcare policy. ( ABC News: Ian Cutmore )

A man clutches a baby while in a cafe seated next to a red-haired woman

On Friday, former prime minister Julia Gillard left Anthony Albanese carrying the baby.( AAP: Lukas Coch )

Along with children

A boy goes to give an excited Albanese a high five in a classroom

There was more childcare policy talk with a captive audience. ( ABC News: Nick Haggarty )

He met with Father Bob

Anthony Albanese laughs next to an older man covering his mouth in surprise.

Anthony Albanese having a sneaky joke with Father Bob Maguire.( ABC News: Matt Roberts )

And a big candidate

Anthony Albanese campaign

Anthony Albanese backed a big candidate in the Hunter in former Olympian Dan Repacholi.( ABC News: Matt Roberts )

There were debates

Albanese straights his jacket while laughing, Morrison pulls an awkward thumbs up

The first leaders' debate in Brisbane was friendly enough.( AAP: Toby Zerna )

Morrison, in focus, gestures as he speaks to Albanese

But the second leaders' debate got very shouty.( AAP )

And a car crash

A badly damaged, grey SUV with police and volunteer firefighters inspecting the vehicle

When following the Prime Minister, two federal police and two Tasmanian police officers escaped serious injuries when their car rolled in northern Tasmania.( ABC News: Michael Brooks )

Even Speckles the croc

A man holding two sticks with faces on each end prepares to launch them into the water

The prime ministerial candidates on the line at a croc enclosure in Darwin.( ABC News: Michael Franchi )

A saltwater crocodile jumps out of the water to eat meat dangling on a line.

Speckles chose the bait attached to an image of Anthony Albanese, apparently making his pick for PM.( ABC News: Michael Franchi )

But other animals were kinder to the PM

A man stares face to face with a llama

Scott Morrison met a llama during a visit to the Easter Show in Sydney.( ABC News: Luke Stephenson )

A man with his face close to a white dog

As well as a friendly pup in Sydney.( ABC News: Nick Haggarty )

Morrison was a hard hat regular

Prime Minister Scott Morrison posing for a photograph at a gold mine.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison at the Super Pit gold mine in Kalgoorlie.( ABC Goldfields: Jarrod Lucas )

Former prime ministers were enlisted

Tony Abbott, Janette Howard and John Howard sit in the crowd at the Liberal election launch. 

Former prime ministers Tony Abbott and John Howard sat with Mr Howard's wife, Janette, at the 2022 Liberal campaign launch in Brisbane.( ABC News: Matt Roberts )

Kevin Rudd, Anthony Albanese and Paul Keating sit together on a couch laughing

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd, Anthony Albanese and former PM Paul Keating shared a laugh during the ALP campaign launch in Perth.( Instagram: Anthony Albanese )

Signs were not missed

A worker covered up a sign which reads 'if you mess up, 'fess up' in a Townsville factory.

This sign at a Townsville factory was quickly covered up when visited by Prime Minister Scott Morrison.( ABC News: Matt Roberts )

A worker covered up a sign which reads 'if you mess up, 'fess up'.

A worker promptly covered it with a high-vis vest.( ABC News: Matt Roberts )

A worker covered up a sign which reads 'if you mess up, 'fess up'

The covering happened right before Scott Morrison walked past.( ABC News: Matt Roberts )

It was the same for Albanese

Albanese walks along a suburban street carrying an umbrella. Graffiti behind him reads 'have a bad ass day!'

Anthony Albanese passed this sign on a suburban street.( ABC News: Ian Cutmore )

The Opposition Leader tested positive to COVID-19

Cameras surround anthony albanese at a election campaign

Anthony Albanese tested positive to COVID-19 shortly after visiting this nursing home.( ABC )

But he was back on the road after a week

Albanese is surrounded by a crowd of schoolboys, grabbing at him and taking pictures

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese was mobbed while visiting his old high school in Sydney.( ABC News: Toby Hunt )

And how could we forget the Deputy Prime Minister?

Whose office shared this image with the nation.

A man sits in a freshwater spring while a clothed woman appears to be amused

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce took a dip in Katherine with Northern Territory Country Liberal Party Senate candidate Jacinta Price watching on.( Supplied: Deputy Prime Minister's Office )

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