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10 Of The Best Bath Towels That Are Soft And Absorbent

Sep 23, 2022

Looking to save on new bath towels? Most of these top-rated linens are heavily discounted this Memorial Day weekend. We've also rounded up some additional deals on other great towels out there. Read on for those or check out our full roundup of all the Memorial Day sales going on right now.

If you’ve ever wrapped yourself up in an impossibly plush towel at a five-star hotel or spa and thought, if only I had such luxurious linens at home. Well, you can. These days, there’s an abundance of high-quality towels on the market in all different styles and at varying price points. In other words, there’s no need to settle for mediocre towels that are lacking in either absorbency or softness. Instead, invest in quality linens to recreate that hotel shower experience at home.

Investing in high-quality bath towels is a small change that can make a big difference in your ... [+] bathing experience.


The best bath towels have a few qualities in common: they’re soft, absorbent and easy to launder. They also stay that way for a reasonable amount of time—meaning, they don’t lose their fluff after a few uses. While our all-around top pick is the classic towel from Parachute, we highly recommend all of the soft, absorbent linens on this list, most of which we’ve personally tested and loved. When compiling this list, we also looked into the quality of each towel and combed through dozens of professional and customer reviews to ensure we selected the best of the best. From the ultra-plush to the lightweight to the budget-friendly, these options will elevate both your bathroom and your bathing experience.

  • Best Bath Towels Overall: Parachute Classic Towels
  • Best Extra-Plush Bath Towels: Brooklinen Super-Plush Bath Towels
  • Most Absorbent Bath Towels: Nordstrom Hydrocotton Bath Towel
  • Best Bath Towels On Amazon: Chakir Turkish Linens Luxury Bath Towels
  • Best Budget Bath Towels: Hotel Collection Ultimate Micro Cotton Bath Towel
  • Best Large Bath Towels: Boll Branch Plush Bath Towels
  • Best Waffle Bath Towels: Hawkins New York Simple Waffle Towels
  • Best Quick-Drying Bath Towels: The Company Store Green Earth Quick-Dry Towels
  • Best Organic Bath Towels: Coyuchi Cloud Loom Organic Towels
  • Best Bath Sheets: Land’s End Turkish Cotton Spa Bath Sheet

Best Bath Towels Overall

Plush Towels Made Of 100% Long-Staple Turkish Cotton

Parachute Home

Parachute Classic Turkish Cotton Towels

  • Size: 30 x 56 inches
  • Weight: 700 gsm

The Classic Towels from Parachute are simple yet luxurious. These linens come in seven neutral colors, and they’re made from 100% long-staple Turkish cotton, making them soft, plush and absorbent. Each bath towel is finished with a ribbed dobby design that adds a modern touch and helps prevent the ends from fraying. If you want to make a complete set, you can go for the matching washcloths, hand towels or bath sheets. They’re also available as a bundle with two towels, two hand towels and two wash cloths.

The towels are free from harmful synthetic dyes, meaning they’re eco-friendly. They’re also quick-drying, thanks to Parachute’s “innovative Aerocotton Technology.”


  • Quick-drying
  • Eco-friendly
  • Made from 100% Turkish cotton


  • Takes long to dry
  • Heavy weight in washer cycles

Best Extra-Plush Bath Towels

Thick, Heavy Linens That Are Luxuriously Soft


Brooklinen Super-Plush Bath Sheets (Set Of Two)

  • Size: 40 x 65 inches
  • Weight: 820 gsm

If you prefer extra-thick, extra-large and heavy towels, you’ll love the Super-Plush Bath Sheets from Brooklinen. Note that they are heavier than your average bath towel, weighing 820 grams per square meter, which may be a pro for some and a con for others. The fabric is made from luxuriously soft 100% Turkish cotton for maximum absorbency, and they are available as a bath towel (30 x 58 inches) as well as a bath sheet (40 x 65 inches). Choose from five classic colors (varying shades of white and grey) or four limited-edition ones, including aqua blue and goldenrod.

Also great: You can’t go wrong with the Lands’ End Turkish Cotton Spa Bath Sheet. Designed to resemble the linens you’d find at a fancy spa, these bath sheets are a whopping 36 x 70 inches and have a substantial weight of 750 grams per square meter. They’re made from Turkish cotton that’s been ring-spun for extra strength and silkiness, and the product is Oeko-Tex certified, meaning it’s been tested for and found free of over 100 harmful substances. 


  • Extra large
  • Eco-friendly


  • Might be too heavy for some
  • Longer dry times

Most Absorbent Bath Towels

Towels That Are Woven To Dry You Off Quickly


Nordstrom Hydrocotton Bath Towel

  • Size: 30 x 54 inches
  • Weight: 650 gsm

The Nordstrom Hydrocotton Bath Towels come in 10 pretty colors and are ultra-soft thanks to 100% cotton fabric. They’re made using a unique weaving process that leaves the yarn untwisted, creating greater surface area to help absorb water more quickly. Plus, they’re designed to get softer with each wash, so they’ll only get better over time.


  • Absorbent and quick-drying
  • Budget-friendly


  • Color fades Nordstrom Promo Codes | 25% Off In May 2022 | Forbes

Best Bath Towels On Amazon

A Budget-Friendly Option That Combines Luxury With Affordability


Chakir Turkish Linens Luxury Bath Towels (Set Of 4)

  • Size: 27 x 54 inches
  • Weight: 700 gsm

Made in Denizli, Turkey, these absorbent bath towels combine luxury and affordability. They’re made of high-quality cotton and have a double-stitched hem so they don’t fray or wear out on the edges, even with regular use. And they’re designed to fluff up and get softer after each wash, so you’ll have them for the long haul.

At 700 grams per square meter, they’re thick and plush like the kind you’d find at a high-end spa. And they’re made without harmful dyes or chemicals, so you can fully relax after your bath or shower. With a dozen colors to choose from, you’ll find a set that fits in with any decor.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Eco-friendly
  • Don’t fray or snag easily


  • Attract lint
  • Narrow

Best Budget Bath Towels

A Basic, Mid-Weight Towel That Comes In Many Colors


Hotel Collection Ultimate Micro Cotton Bath Towel

  • Size: 30 x 56 inches
  • Weight: 450 to 550 gsm

For a more affordable option, consider the Hotel Collection Ultimate Bath Towels, which are classified as mid-weight (at 450 to 550 grams per square meter). These budget-friendly towels are made from 100% cotton, and they’re Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certified, which means they’re free from more than 300 harmful substances. They feature embroidered stripes along the edges for decoration and are very soft to the touch.

These towels also come in a rainbow of colors, from coral to light blue to jade. Of course, there are more neutral options, too.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Wash and dry easily


  • Catch lint
  • Prone to fraying

Best Large Bath Towels

Oversized Towels For A Spa-Like Experience At Home

Boll Branch

Boll Branch Plush Bath Towels

  • Size: 30 x 58 inches
  • Weight: 700 gsm

These Boll Branch Plush Bath Towels are thick and luxurious—the perfect combo for a spa-like vibe at home. They’re crafted from 100% fair trade-certified organic cotton that’s also Oeko-Tex certified. The towels are a bit oversized at 30 x 58 inches, and thanks to their two-ply cotton yarn, they’re extremely absorbent and soft.

There’s more. The towels are free from pesticides, formaldehyde and other harsh chemicals, and they’re ethically made.


  • Thick and plush
  • Absorbent
  • Eco-friendly


  • Expensive
  • Prone to fraying

Best Waffle Bath Towels

Airy, Lightweight Towels With A Unique Texture


Hawkins New York Simple Waffle Towels

  • Size: 32 x 55 inches (bath towel) and 45 x 75 inches (bath sheet)
  • Weight: 240 gsm

While we liked the softness of the Parachute Waffle Towel, which has an airy, honeycomb-textured weave, the Hawkins New York waffle towels held up better over time during testing. (The Parachute towels developed some loose threads due to washing and sharp puppy nails). This lightweight, quick-drying waffle weave towel is made in Portugal and comes in a dozen on-trend colors like sage, terracotta, blush and peacock. Choose from a bath towel, sheet, hand towel, wash cloth or “essentials set” which includes two bath towels, two hand towels and two wash cloths. Note, waffle towels feel more absorbent after a few washes so make sure you launder them before using.


  • Durable
  • Lots of color options
  • Quick-drying


  • Thinner and longer than the average bath towel

Best Quick-Drying Bath Towels

Mid-Weight Towels Made From Special Fast-Drying Cotton

The Company Store

The Company Store Green Earth Quick-Dry Towels

  • Size: 30 x 54 inches
  • Weight: 400 gsm

Heavy towels often take a while to dry, which can result in having to dry off with still-damp cloth—not a pleasant experience. If you regularly struggle with this issue, you might want to consider The Company Store’s Green Earth Quick-Dry Towels. These linens are made from specially constructed 100% Micro Cotton, which is lighter in weight, quick to dry and more absorbent than traditional ring-spun towels (and won’t pill or lint, either). The towels have a subtly chic ribbed appearance and come in nine neutral and pastel hues, and are perfect for creating a serene vibe in your bathroom.


  • Quick-drying
  • Lightweight
  • Eco-friendly


  • Prone to shedding

Best Organic Bath Towels

Extra-Fluffy Towels Made From Organic Cotton

Coyuchi Inc.

Coyuchi Cloud Loom Organic Towels

  • Size: 27 x 54 inches
  • Weight: 685 gsm

Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides or other chemicals, and if this gives you peace of mind, you’ll want to consider the Coyuchi Cloud Loom Towels. These linens are pricey, but they’re made from 100% organic cotton that’s grown and woven in Turkey. They’re certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard, which means the brand has passed inspections proving it uses organic practices throughout its entire textile supply chain.

The Coyuchi Towels have a wonderfully fluffy and soft texture, as well as a substantial weight that’s nice to wrap up in after a shower. They come in several muted and earthy colors, and you can buy them individually or in a set of four.


  • 100% organic
  • Absorbent


  • May shrink after washing
  • Expensive

Memorial Day Bath Towel Deals Happening Now

A 6-Piece Set That’s Hypoallergenic, Microbial and Fade-Resistant

Home Depot

Linenspa Essentials 6-Piece Luxury Cotton Towel Set

  • Size: 29 x 55 inches (bath towels)
  • Weight: 625 gsm

Made from 100-percent long staple cotton fibers, these towels from Linenspa Essentials manage to be lightweight and highly absorbent, as well as plush. They’re also fade-resistant and hypoallergenic, as they’re treated with an antimicrobial finish. The set includes two bath towels, two hand towels and two wash cloths, and comes in seven colors, ranging from white to mint green.

Traditional Turkish Towels Made From 100% Organic Cotton

Coyuchi Inc

Coyuchi Mediterranean Organic Towels

  • Size: 28 x 54 inches
  • Weight: 320 gsm

In terms of attractiveness, it’s hard to beat these traditional Turkish bath towels from Coyuchi. Woven using 100% organic cotton grown in Turkey, these lightweight linens feature a hand-knotted fringe and come in five neutral colors. They’re also GOTS and Made Safe Certified.

A Mid-Weight Set That’s Free Of Harmful Substances


Lytham 4-Piece Turkish Cotton Bath Towel Set

  • Size: 27 x 54 inches
  • Weight: 500 gsm

Made from 500 gsm Turkish cotton, these bath towels are quality, mid-weight and affordable. They’re also antimicrobial and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified, meaning they’re free of harmful substances. Pick from one of seven colors, ranging from teal green to yellow. (While you can typically get the towels in white, that color is currently out of stock.)

Plush, Absorbent Linens That Come In 30 Vibrant Colors

The Company Store

The Company Store Company Cotton Turkish Cotton Bath Towel

  • Size: 30 x 54 inches
  • Weight: 620 gsm

Made of 100% long-staple combed Turkish cotton, these towels from The Company Store are 620 gsm, so they’re heavy and plush. They also come in an array of bright colors—30 to be exact—and are finished with attractive dobby striping. You can even get them monogrammed.

Colorful Towels Made From 100% Long-Staple Turkish Cotton


Frontgate Resort Collection Bath Towels

  • Size: 30 x 58 inches
  • Weight: 700 gsm

These towels, made from 100% long-staple Turkish cotton, are super plush—they’re woven to 700 gsm. They also come in 24 vibrant colors, from deep teal to clay, and you can personalize them with a monogram.

For even more Memorial Day savings opportunities, head over to our Memorial Day Weekend coupon page to check out the deals from some of our favorite retailers.

What Should I Look For When Buying Bath Towels?


Simply put, the quality of a towel is determined by the quality of the materials used to make it. In general, you want something that’s 100% cotton, which makes for durable and absorbent towels. To be more specific, Turkish and Egyptian cotton—which have long fibers—are typically considered to be the highest-quality options. You’ll also find towels made from synthetic materials like microfiber, which tend to be cheaper but less plush and absorbent.


When buying bath towels, it’s all about the details. Two towels might look the same when stacked on the store shelf, but there are a few key things that will set them apart. First, look at the size of each towel, which is typically printed on the tag. The average bath towel is typically around 30 x 56 inches, give or take a few inches; anything smaller will probably be insufficient for the average person. If you like your towels on the bigger side, you might consider opting for bath sheets, which usually measure closer to 40 x 70 inches.


Another factor to consider is towel weight, which is measured in grams per square meter or gsm. For most people, these numbers will seem fairly abstract, since we have nothing to use as a point of reference. Just keep in mind that an average bath towel is usually in the ballpark of 500 grams per square meter. As this number goes up, towels get heavier and more plush, which means they’re softer to the touch—but they’ll take longer to dry. And as the number goes down, towels may feel thinner and less plush, albeit quick-drying.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bath Towels

What Are The Best Quality Towels To Buy?

The gold standard for towels is 100% cotton because it’s durable, soft and absorbent. You may come across Turkish or Egyptian cotton in product descriptions, and these varieties are often considered the best of the best because their fibers are longer, giving a softer feel and added durability. On the other end of the spectrum is microfiber, a synthetic material crafted from nylon and polyester. While this fabric makes for much more affordable, very quick-drying towels, it’s not usually as soft or absorbent as cotton.

How Do You Wash Bath Towels?

Bath towels require regular laundering, and if you want your linens to last as long as possible it’s important to wash them properly. While you should check the instructions on your towel’s care tag for specific guidelines, in general, you’ll want to wash bath towels by themselves in cold water; mixing them with clothes will increase the chance of snagging. When it comes to drying the towels, use a low heat setting to prevent damage to the cotton fibers.

One genre of product you should avoid using on your bath towels: any kind of fabric softener, including both liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets. Fabric softener actually reduces the absorbency of fabric and, in turn, will reduce the effectiveness of your bath towels. Instead of using dryer sheets, opt for dryer balls to increase air circulation, cut down on dry time, prevent clumping and help fluff and smooth fibers.

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